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The Student remote control must be activated to enable i>clicker usage. The instructor will likely have a preference of how students activate i>clicker remotes as it relates to the registration method.

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Registration Method Unique to the Instructor

The instructor for your course chooses what method of registration to use. It is possible that your instructor will have information available in the syllabus, in which case, those instructions should be followed as opposed to this document.

It is important to wait until after the first day of class to register your i>clicker.

Register your i>clicker Online

1. After you have purchased your i>clicker, go to, and in the lower, left corner of the homepage, click Register Your Clicker.

2. On the Register Your Clicker page, in the appropriate text boxes enter your first name, last name, student ID, and remote ID.

The student ID could be your UIN or NetID and is determined by the instructor. Check the syllabus for the course or with your professor and be sure to register your i>clicker remote with the correct ID so your grades will be recorded.

Your Remote ID is printed on the back of your remote.

3. In the verification word box, enter the verification word.

4. Click the Enter button.

5. On the Verification page, review the information for accuracy and click the Submit button.

Register your i>clicker in Class

There are two methods of registration in class. The Instructor will indicate if either of these methods will be used.

  • Roll Call: The instructor will announce that a roll call polling session will take place. You will be required to input your letter as displayed on the overhead projector into the i>clicker remote during this session.
  • In-Class: The instructor will announce that you may walk up and provide the remote ID or send via another method to the Instructor.

For additional support with online registration, please contact i>clicker at or 1-866-209-5698, available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central time.

iClicker GO: Before purchasing iClicker GO (Mobile App) please contact your instructor to ensure it will be used in your class. Not all classrooms are capable of utilizing iClicker GO and the use of iClicker GO is at the discretion of the instructor.