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Fuse is an application that is currently being developed by TechSmith for use with the Camtasia Relay server. Fuse records video from an iPad or iPhone and uploads it for automated encoding and publishing when settings have been configured for use with the Texas A&M University - Camtasia Relay Service. The Fuse application has been released by TechSmith as an experiment. In this case, TechSmith defines an experiment as:

TechSmith lab releases experiments that we create quickly, so you can try them quickly. TechSmith lab releases experiments that we create quickly, so you can try them quickly. They may be fun or really useful, but they may also be buggy or contain incomplete elements.  This is part of the fun because you get to weigh in on what you like or are irritated by.

The Fuse app requires a minimum of iOS 4.0 on the iPad.

Applies to

Instructors and Instructional Support Staff


1. On the iPad or iPhone home screen, tap the Fuse icon.

The Fuse application must be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

2. From the Fuse home screen, tap the rec button to start recording a video.

3. Tap the rec button again to stop recording the video.

Only about 10 minutes of video can be recorded at a time and the video is not high quality.

4. The video will automatically be saved to your Camera Roll.

Uploading your video

1. From the Fuse home screen, tap the Camera Roll button.

2. From the Photos screen, tap Camera Roll.

3. From the Camera Roll screen, tap the video you want to upload to the MediaMatrix.  

Currently, only video that has been recorded on the iOS device will upload properly. The app does not identify videos that have been transferred to an iPhone or iPad from another device or shared through iTunes.

4. The video you select will be displayed. Use the sliders at the top of the screen to trim the video.

5. To confirm your selection, click the Choose button.

6. On the Submit Recording screen, in the Enter Title Here box, enter a title for the video.

7. In the Enter Description Here box, enter a description for the video.

8. On the Profiles list, choose the MediaMatrix profile you want to upload the video to.

9. Tap the Done button.

Fuse Settings

You will have to enter the server information into Settings to connect to the MediaMatrix server in order to upload your videos.

1. From the Fuse home screen, click the Settings icon.

2. Enter the server name.

3. Enter your username and password.

The server name is and the username and the password are your NetID and password.

4. Click the Save button.

For additional Camtasia Relay support, please visit the Camtasia Relay How-To Guides.